Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Minnesota - Red Wing, World's Largest Boot

The Largest Workboot ever witnessed by the civilized public!

The World's Largest Boot

Redwing Shoes
A Fantastic Modern Engineering Wonder of Human Invention!

A bewildering 2,300 pounds of sheer gargantuan bulk!
At 20 feet long and 16 feet tall it's a colossal curiosity
Fit for a 12 Story Human Giant!

In 2005, as part of Red Wing Shoe Company's Centennial.
The World's Largest Boot was created to celebrate generations of shoe-making craftsmen whose labor and dedication built the company and its world-wide reputation for quality.

The sender writes:
I am in Minnesota today and stopped to see the giant red wing boot AGAIN.  Because, once is never enough. :D

This postcard is from 2015.

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