Sunday, October 23, 2016

South Korea - Cheju Island, Woman Divers

 Diving Women in Cheju Island
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Woman Divers

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Haenyeo (sea women) are female divers in the Korean province of Jeju. They are known for their independent spirit, iron will and determination.

Traditionally, girls started to train to become haenyeo when they were 11 years old.  Beginning in shallow water, trainees worked their way up to more challenging depths. After about seven years of training, a girl was considered a "full-fledged" haenyeo.

All together, the tools of a haenyeo consist of a wetsuit, goggles, gloves, chest weights (to assist diving) an L-shaped weeding hoe, and a net attached to a floatation device.  The haenyeo stash their catch in these nets until they are done for the day.

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