Sunday, August 7, 2016

Finland - Utsjoki Flowers and Scenery

Tunturissa nahda ja kokea monenlaista voi!
uuvana - sielikko

Uuvana, Diapensia lapponica, Fjellpyrd, Fjallgrona
Maisemaa tunturista.
Sielikko, Loiseleuria procumbens,
Greplyng, Krypljung, Duolbadanas

I think this translates to something like:
You may see and experience a variety of Tundra!
diapensia - Kalmia procumbens (alpine azalea)
The second part might be the names of flowers??  Or perhaps the name of these two flowers in different languages??

The sender writes:
Greetings from Utsjoki.  This summer we have mostly admired flowers!

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