Sunday, June 26, 2016

Italy - Pisa, The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower
The construction was begun in 1174 from the architect Bonanno Pisano and finished in 1350 from Tommaso Pisano.  The height is m. 58.36 (100 braccia pisane)  The weight is t. 14.453.  The vertical yielding is of approximately m. 2.36.  The maximum slope from the top to the center or the base is m 5.22.  The increment of slope until 1993 was off mm. 1.2 every year.  After consolidation jobs during 11 years the Tower reopens the 15/12/2001 whit (should read with?) an inclination reduced of cm. 38.

It is constituted from 8 shelves comprised the bell cell where there are 7 bells that reproduce 7 musical notes (Assunta Crofefisso san Ranieri, Pasquareccia, Dal Pozzo, Terza, Vespruccio).

The top of the Tower is caught up with a helicoidal scale of 293 steps.

From the top of the leaning Tower Galileo Galilei carried out its experiments around the gravity laws.

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This is the most confusing postcard I've ever read!

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