Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New York - New York City, SoHo, Banksy Rat Mural Street Art

Banksy Rat Mural, SoHo, New York City.

Banksy, the anonymous British artist, has been creating street art in NYC since the early 21st century.  In fact, his hometown of Bristol, England is the only locale that has been favored with more of his creations.  Curiously, Bansky often portrays himself as a rat, an animal all too familiar to New Yorkers. The city is home to two rat species, the Brown Rat and the Black rat.  The larger and more adaptable Bown rat has largely crowded out the Black rat, and there are estimates of as many as 4 Brown rats for every person in New York City.  That's around 32 million rats - yikes!!! So though the Bansky rat may be elusive, he's certainly not alone here.

Photo by Carina Dev

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