Saturday, October 17, 2015

Luxembourg - Multiview with Sunset

Luxembourg - with hot air balloons flying off into the sunset

1. Luxembourg de Nuit (Luxembourg by Night)
2. Site de l'Abbaye Neumunster (Neum√ľnster Abbey site)
3. Releve de la Garde (Changing of the Guard)
4. Ville Basse du Grund (Lower City of Grund)
5. Circuit Wenzel (Wenzel Circular Walk)

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5. Wenzel Walk ....
This cultural circular walk has another name - `1000 years in 100 minutes`, but it is not a route to be hurried. The route is named after Wenceslas 11, the Duke of Luxembourg who fortified the city. The walk starts at the Bock promontory and takes in the Chemin de la Corniche, old gates, the Wenzel ring wall, medieval bridges, the Alzette Valley and the French military architecture. There are information boards along the way.

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