Wednesday, June 17, 2015

England - Tower of London, The Regalia, Crown Jewels

Tower of London.
The Regalia.

The Regalia is situated in the Wakefield Tower and contains the crown jewels preserved in a glass case protected by a strong iron cage.  Here are some most interesting relics of former English Kings and Queens.  The total value of the Regalia is estimated at three million pounds. (You can be sure that figure is a lot higher now!)

This postcard is from the C.F. Castle's "Lesco Series".

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The Crown Jewels have been kept at the Tower of London since 1303 after they were stolen from Westminster Abbey. It is thought that most, if not all, were recovered shortly afterwards. After the coronation of Charles II, they were locked away and shown for a viewing fee paid to a custodian. However, this arrangement ended when someone attempted to steal the Crown Jewels after having bound and gagged the custodian. Thereafter, the Crown Jewels were kept in a part of the Tower known as Jewel House, where armed guards defend them.

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