Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Italy - Russian Church at Sunrise

Riviera Ligure (Italian Riviera)
Sanremo (City in Italy)

La chiesa Russa allo spuntar del sole
(The Russian Church at Sunrise)

 - - -
This gorgeous structure can be referred to as a legacy of Maria Alexandrovna, Russian Empress.
The Church was consecrated to the Saviour and St Catherine and is a fairly eccentric monument. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, many Russians decided to spend their winters in San Remo, this was due to the tsarina Maria Alexandrovna who had spent an unforgettable winter season in San Remo in 1874 and then "promoted" it once back in her country. The Church was finished in 1913 and it is slightly similar to the church of San Basilio in Moscow.

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