Thursday, December 4, 2014

Washington - Mount Rainier and Lake Spanaway

Mt. Rainier Mirrored in Lake Spanaway, Wash.

Mt. Rainier, three miles in height, is an isolated extinct glacial volcano.  Only mountain in the United states that shows all its form, sea level to the clouds.  Tourists visit blown-out caverns, eternal snow banks, steam fissures, wonderful waterfalls, marvelous canyons, great forests, lakes and rivers that burst from the gigantic glaciers upon  its sides and proclaim wonders surpassing the Alps.  Flora renowned for 364 varieties of flowers, many thrust their heads through snow in June.  The sight of "Rainier" from Seattle at 9 P.M. in summer season all aglow in gorgeous colors of our Northland twilight is a heavenly sight.  It was discovered in 1792 by Capt. Geo. Vancouver, named by him for Rear Admiral Rainier; is 14,408 feet elevation; reached by Government Auto Roads through Big Tree Forest Reserve to New Paradise Inn, to "Camp of Clouds" in Paradise Valley.

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