Friday, December 12, 2014

Iceland - Sheep Agree About the Weather

Three out of four sheep agree: in Iceland we have weather.

Storhofoi, Heimaey Island,
Vestmannaeyjar (Vestmann Islands),
off the south coast,
Icelandic sheep (Ovis aries)
Icelandic name: kindur

The sender writes:
I could not agree more with the saying on this card.  The weather is like this.  If you don't like the weather in Iceland, just wait 5 minutes!

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Vestmannaeyjar -

Small group of islands off the south coast of Iceland. The volcanic island of Surtsey emerged from the ocean in 1963, and in 1973 the volcano Helgafell erupted, causing the population of 5,200 to be temporarily evacuated and adding 2.5 sq km/1 sq mi to the islands' area. The eruption created the volcanic cone of Eldfell. Heimaey, the largest of the islands, is one of Iceland's chief fishing ports.

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