Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Missouri - Stanton, Meramec Caverns

PDK Postcard # 8 - 2017
by Pete Klinger
Almost National Postcard Week

Yet another colorful photo from the collection.  This one I took in 2011.  Ever drive past St. Louis on I-44 "Meramec Caverns" signs start before the bypass, many miles before Route 66.  Then more and more, until you approach Stanton, Missouri.  Let me say, it's worth the stop to relax, ice cream shop, nice cool walk, somewhat hokey, but informative tour but if you've never done it, make the stop!  Beautiful formations, well maintained property, excellent lighting effects.  Step back in time to the days when many roadside attractions like this were along the National highways.

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A room within the cavern was used for Hollywood productions, most notably The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1973). In the particular movie, the site was used as the cave system where Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn find the hidden gold.

An episode of Lassie was also filmed in this part of the cave.

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